What do you think of when you think of Karaoke? Well in America when someone asks me do you want to go do Karaoke I think of going to a bar or other public place and getting up on a stage in front of a lot of people I don’t know and making a fool of myself in front of what few friends came with me. Karaoke in Japan is different. When you go to a karaoke place in Japan you start arrive at an initial counter. From that counter you order your room and how much time you want to spend in that room. So in Japan Karaoke is just you, your friends, the Karaoke TV, and a waiter that occasionally shows up. There is a computer like device that you can order food, drinks, and songs from so everything is automated. Karaoke was a good time and less humiliating than a bar because you know everyone involved.


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  1. I personally had trouble with this type of Karaoke since I absolutely can’t sing in front of people I know. During my pre-collegiate days I was involved in many choirs and had very little difficulty singing to complete strangers. Even as a kid my parents would ask me to sing to them and I would completely freeze up. I guess I would rather have a bunch of people I have never and probably will never spend time with judge me, than the people I see all of the time.

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