MOS Burger VS Mc Donalds

Fast food is everywhere. In Japan a common burger franchise that is competing with McDonalds (who is integrated throughout Japan) is MOS Burger. MOS Burger, like McDonalds, is a burger place and fast food it however is not McDonalds. One of the first things you’ll notice about MOS Burger is that the way you order food is setup differently. At McDonalds most of the time you order a meal which comes with whatever burger you ordered, fries, and a drink. At MOS Burger you order your burger and then order from a few selections of sides there are no meals. So you can just buy a burger or you can buy a burger and extra stuff to come with it. Now you can do the same thing at McDonalds but the expectation is that you’ll get a meal, I don’t get that same feeling of expectation at MOS Burger. Another difference between McDonalds and MOS Burger is that I actually feel better about myself after eating at MOS Burger and after I eat McDonalds I usually don’t. MOS Burger is healthier or feels healthier but it is also a few dollars more expensive and you definitely don’t get as much product for your money than you do at McDonalds.



  1. I absolutely loved MOS burger, I only ate there in Osaka though. It really didn’t feel like fast food to me, it just felt like an average restaurant. I’m guessing the thing that makes it fast food is that it isn’t Japanese cuisine. It was definitely really filling, I just hate that there was only Pepsi to choose from t o drink. 🙂

  2. barry1033 Said:

    There were much more options at Mos Burger. If you noticed, they changed some of their meals depend on season. Unlike McDonald, they actaully have lot more drink option beside soft drinks such as Ooling tea, Black tea, Tropical and more. I agree that you feel healthier after you eat in Mos Burger comapre to McDonald.

  3. shastokes Said:

    I also had the opportunity to have a Mos Burger. I agree that it tastes good but I just was not full after eating it! Also, when you order at Mos Burger, you get a number and when your order is ready, the servers would come out to you and bring you your food. One thing I noticed about all the fast food restaurants in Japan is their way of packaging your carryouts, and when you order a drink, they put the drink inside the bag! Also, at these fast food restaurants, the workers seem to take their jobs very seriously and give the best service compared to some in the states!

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