SUMO!!! Sumo is one of Japan’s most well-known cultural attractions and is still a competitive sport. Sumo is a type of wrestling in which two wrestlers meet in a circle that is roughly 10 feet in diameter (this is my approximation not from any source). Each wrestler meets in the middle of the ring roughly a 2 feet away from each other and facing each other. Each time the wrestlers enter the circle they throw salt in the wring before entering, as part of many rituals associated with sumo, to purify the wring and prevent in hope of staying injury free. The goal of sumo is for each wrestler to meet when they are ready or at their peak mental confidence. If either wrestler touches any part of the ground with anything besides their feet or either competitor exits the circle first then that competitor loses. The goal of sumo is very simple but is filled with intricacies. I would say that sumo is half-sport, half-ritual.



  1. I did not know what to expect when we first arrived at the sumo stadium. I usually do not really enjoy watching sports and with the added fact that the competitors were mostly nude large men, I was pretty sure I would not enjoy the experience. When we finally found our seats and started watching the tournament, I immediately became completely engulfed in the action. I would have to say that it was an important experience to understand Japanese culture.

  2. kevinb18 Said:

    The parts of the sumo wrestling I did see were ok. The only problem that I have is I wanted more action then the ritual part of the sport. Every time I thought ok here they go they would back away from each other and do more ritual but when they fought they fought hard.

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