Height and Weight Comparison

I’m 6 feet and 3 inches tall or 190.5 cm (they use the metric system in Japan) and weigh 175 pounds or approximately 79.5 kilograms. In America I am tall, not out of the ordinary tall but taller than most people. In Japan I am out of the ordinary tall. While taking the subway or walking in a crowded public place I can see over everyone. It’s like I’m in a sea of black bobbing talking and bobbing heads. When we go to tourist places I can clearly see who the foreign people are not because of how they look but because their head is well above the crowd. Now there are large/tall people in Japan it is just not their normal genetic profile. Obese people are starting to become more prevelant in Japan but when I say become more prevalent I mean that they went from 5 fat people in 2009 to 10 fat people in 2010. Most everyone in Japan is small and skinny, probably has something to do with the food they eat. Here in America we’ve got problems, but we don’t need to go into that.



  1. kiyabarden Said:

    Erik, you were most definitely the tallest person that Japan has ever seen. All jokes aside I’ve never seen a city, town or country so small. I mean, I was taller than 80 percent of the people. It was kind of funny though, they looked at us like we were giants literally. And I also observed that the entire trip, I could count on one hand the number of overweight Japanese I saw. That’s crazy because every time you turn around in the U.S you see someone overweight.

  2. barry1033 Said:

    Yes, you are definitely the tallest guy in Japan Ive even seen. Thank you for being our landmark, I am pretty sure you saved some of our asses. However, overweight was not a problem in Japan due to their healthy daily diet. Their skinny and short bodies become a problem for us since we could’t really find clothings that were “actually” wearable in Japan. I believe you agree the most in our group.

  3. I would have to agree with you in that you were taller than 99% of the people we saw in Japan, but there were some extremely tall Japanese. On a couple occasions there were guys that even in the United States would be considered giants. While that would have made life in the U.S. difficult, I feel that in they must have real trouble in Japan. At 6′ I even had to duck under some door frames.

  4. mavichakp1 Said:

    Yeah, there are lots of time when I got separate from the group and the first thing I’ll looking for is your head, thank you for being very height.

    Also might be a bit off topic but almost every countries in the world use Metric system, so it’s good that to know your weight and height in metric system.

  5. fleuritta Said:

    I am sure that because of your height, we could definitely not loose you. However, I beleive that I have encountered a number of tall people in Japan. For instance, a Japanese guy who volunteered to help me with my luggage on the way to the airport was one tall and strong man. Plus, I think that one Japanese man made it once to the guiness record as the tallest man alive! So no worries!

  6. jodarbs Said:

    All of what you said is so true. I’m sure you were very interesting to the natives of Japan that did come across your path. Being short in Japan is very common. I of all my time in Japan I would have to say I only saw two over weight people, and when I told my brother about this (who has lived in Japan for the past twenty years) he told me that being over weight sometimes is a sign of wealth in Japan.

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