MIXI vs Facebook

I’m going to assume that most of the readers from America have at least heard of Facebook but I’ll explain the basics of it just in case you’ve no idea what’s going on. Facebook is a social networking internet site where you can add friends who’ve also gotten a Facebook. On Facebook you can chat with friends, post or send messages to friends, upload and tag pictures, and play games. MIXI is the Japanese equivalent to Facebook. Mixi, unlike Facebook, is only available to the Japanese and is largely used on cell phones as opposed to browsers on desktop computers like Facebook. Now not being a Japanese citizen there’s not a whole lot I can tell you about MIXI from experience because 1) I don’t speak Japanese and 2) You are required to be invited by someone who also has a MIXI and also to have a recognized Japanese e-mail address. So most Japanese are unaware of Facebook because something like 80% of the Japanese social site users are on MIXI and 99.9% of American’s can’t use MIXI, social disconnect.



  1. This was a huge issue when I was trying to figure out with some of the Japanese students how we could stay connected. In the end I was only able to befriend a few of them on Facebook and Twitter. Even after connecting with them on these I found out that they only had a couple of other connections, convincing me that they will probably never use the application and communication will probably more rare than I would have preferred.

  2. fleuritta Said:

    I do not fully agree with nich. It is possible to stay connected with Japanese students. From a personal eperience, I managed to stay connected with two japanese friends with whom I spent an entire day in Disney land via gmail and hotmail; they wanted to keep in touch because they were so eager to learn about Dubai and see the architectural wonders here. However, I fully agree with Eric when it comes to the scarce, if not null usage of facebook by the Japanese.

  3. jodarbs Said:

    I think the technology in Japan should definitely be studied by Americans and brought over for public use. The Japanese have so many different useful inventions and advances that I think would be widely accepted in America. I was surprise to find out that not many Japanese people used facebook. I thought facebook was international, even though some Japanese people use facebook I would have to agree that the majority does use MIXI.

  4. Radin Said:

    I asked a student in Waseda University about why they do not join Facebook. His excuse was that he did not know enough English to work on Facebook website. He did not even know that Facebook is provided in over 50 international languages. They are caught off from International social networkings, since they only use what only Japanese use…

  5. robcolejpn Said:

    While I wasn’t too surprised that most of the Japanese students didn’t use Facebook, I was shocked that they weren’t aware that it was available in multiple languages. I was really hoping to stay in touch with some of them through Facebook but that just wasn’t possible. I also was hoping to see what MIXI looked like and how it operated, but never got the chance. I am still very curious about it, but will probably never get the chance to experience it as I don’t know Japanese and you have to be invited to it.

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