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Day 16 Overview

Today we visited more students at Waseda University and talked to them. After that we went to Japan Rail East Research Laboratory where they talked about what their company is now and what they are hoping to accomplish in the future. Dr. C treated us with Sibu-Sibu, an all-you-can-eat style restaurant that I’ll talk about in a blog post. It is the last official night of the group ­čśŽ


Day 15 Overview

Today we went to Waseda University where we met and talked with Japanese students there. After that we went to a baseball game! The baseball games are much more animated in Japan. Travel was hectic today but we made it.

Day 14 Overview

Today was another free day, it was rainy. We still went somewhere as a group though. We visited Harajuku and Akihabara. Harajuku was a place known for people dressing up in costumes of their favorite anime characters. Since it was rainy we didn’t see many but there were a few good ones. Akihabara is the electronic district that has anything and everything you could want related to computers. Was a pretty chill day.

Day 13 Overview

Today was a free day which i spent most of sleeping, eating, doing homework for my online class, and socializing on the internet. Weeee….

Day 12 Overview

Today we visited NTT DOCOMO which is the largest cellular phone service company in Japan having over 50% of the country using their service. They had some interesting things to show us including more using AR technology with phones as well as vibration technology that transmit sounds by vibrating your body instead of vibrating the air through speakers or headphones. After that we went to Yokohama for a lesson about tea ceremonies. We then walked around Yokohama and enjoyed the scenery. Now chill.

Day 11 Overview

Not much happened today, had a lazy morning of sleeping in and shopping in Osaka and we left for Tokyo around 1:30 from our hotel. We got to Tokyo around 5:45 and ate dinner. Now doing work and sleep soon…

Day 10 Overview

Today was rainy, we went to Kyoto and checked out some of the temples there. After that we decided we’d had enough of Kyoto and went back to Osaka to relax and shop.

Day 9 Overview

Today we traveled to a temple in Nara, it was wooden and had a 57 foot tall Buddha in it, was pretty crazy. There were lots a Japanese students there too, and tame deer again. After that we visited a sacred temple in Hijemi that where some filming of the last samurai took place. There was a castle there that was being renovated but we got some good pictures of it. We came back and some people shopped but I and a group went to have Kobe beef which I will write about in a blog.

Day 8 Overview

Today we got up early and traveled to Hiroshima where we boarded a ferry that took us to an island that had a famous Shinto Temple on it. One of the main attractions of the island is that it has a population of┬áminiature deer that are extremely tame. I would call these deer more like big friendly squirrels. The temple on the island was also very cool, the views were spectacular and the temple itself was ornate and foreign. The town was full of lots of shops and restaurants offering a wide range of products. After that we went to the Atomic Bomb Memorial Museum where we learned all the information you could want to know about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as efforts against nuclear bombs. Today was a 14 hour day full of lots of travel. Tired…

Day 7 Overview

Today was a day of travel. We packed up our stuff and left the hotel around 11 then went to the MSU Alumni meeting for Japan which had some great food and was interesting to talk to all the alumni that came from MSU. After that we took a train to Osaka and explored the city. Travel took a while so not too much got done today.

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