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3D TV’s

Technology Review of 3D TV’s

A television (TV) is a device that displays moving images and plays associated sounds with those images. These moving images are being developed at various places and then sent through as source (either satellite or cable) and sent to your TV which then formats those images to appear on screen. A new technology is about to change the way we look at TVs forever. We are about to enter the third dimension, 3D (three-dimensional) TVs are here and about to hit the mainstream.

My first encounter with a 3D TV came at the Dai Nippon Printing Company (DNP) as we visited them for a company tour. Dai Nippon Printing is not a company that produces or distributes 3D TVs in any way; they rather make the content that is to be displayed on the TV. So DNP had an image of three airplanes on the screen of the 3D TV and it is upon this image that I will base my review.

I will review three things about the 3D TV that I experienced: amount of content that you can view in 3D, picture quality produced, and price.

Amount of Content

I see more and more movies screaming, “I’m in 3D! Look at me! I’m freaking 3D!” This tells me two things. The first is that there is going to be more and more 3D content available in the future and secondly that it is now feasible for 3D TVs to enter the market. I know of many 3D movies that have come out already and with the release of 3D TVs I could imagine television shows being made for 3D. Lucent Pictures, a company in Japan, also showed us that it was possible to turn old 2D movies and turn them into 3D pictures. While this may not add anything to some 2D movies it will definitely add something to others. So if you’re worried about the amount of content available for 3D TVs and the worth of buying one, don’t be. There will be plenty of content in the future.

Picture Quality

Now I’m not sure if the TV we viewed at DNP was the best available TV but I’ll review it as it was. There was this weird thing about 3D TVs that I’m not sure if they’ll be able to change in the future but the best viewing experience was from several meters away and directly in front of the TV, preferably with your head level with the center of the TV screen. The picture quality was decent but after viewing the picture a while your eyes started to hurt, kind of like viewing a 3D movie at the theatre. If I had to compare the picture quality of the 3D TV to a HD TV I would say that the 3D TV would lose because of the extra technology required to make the picture 3D. So picture quality is not the best at the moment.


I have not seen any price tags on any of these 3D TVs but I’m assuming since these TVs are not commercially available for the average consumer yet that they are extremely expensive. As the ability to make 3D TVs becomes easier and demand grows for them supply should increase and make them cheaper but buying a 3D TV at the moment is not feasible or worth it.

3D TVs are the future, and that’s when you should buy them. If companies developing the 3D TVs can find a way to improve the picture quality and decrease the price everyone will buy one because there will be tons of content available by that time.